Finding a job in Spain

I wanted to look for a job in Valencia when I was still at home in Austria but somehow I didn’t find the time to do so. One week after arriving in Valencia I finally started to actively look for a job. I mainly used the website Infojobs. They have an application you can download and always receive the latest job offers that fits your interests. -> Link here:

On infojobs you have to create a profile, create your CV and whenever there is a job offer that interests you, you just subscribe to it. It’s really easy and organized. It’s a good website to find a job.

Since I graduated in tourism I was also looking for jobs related to tourism. If you are looking for a job in tourism have a look at the website turijobs ->

Since I already have experience in working at a hotel I mainly applied to hotels. There wasn’t any job offer online by that time so I just sent my CV to the hotels via email or I went there to personally hand in my CV or called them. I applied to like more than 50 hotels and I have never heard back from any of them. I was wondering because with my experience as a former receptionist and my languages (English, German and Spanish) I would definitely have high chances I thought. I talked to some locals and they all told me two reasons why none of the hotels has responded:

  1. Don’t apply for a job if there is no job offer at the moment

In Austria it is normal and I thought I would just do the same. Sending my CV to all hotels and surely will get some responds. It’s been one month (or more) since I have sent all the CVs and I did not get any respond – not even one. Anyways I am sure there might be people who have done the same and actually found a job like that – it just didn’t work for me.

2. If they don’t know you your chances are much lower

Here in Spain many people get a job because they know someone in the company that works there. Or someone’s friend or relative has a friend or relative and so on who works there so they are more likely to get the job. Since I didn’t know anyone it was a bit hard in the beginning I just kept applying to job offers on Infojobs and after only 3 job interviews I finally found my job. (which btw is not tourism-related at all)

Also: don’t even expect any company to tell you they reject your application. In Austria it is polite to tell the applicant that a company is no longer considerding your application. So that you know that the company has received and read your application and you no longer have to wait or think “will they still contact me? do they need more time?” etc,

Here in Spain the companies just don’t tell you if they no longer consider your application. You don’t even know if the boss acutally received it because you will not get any respond – only if they are interested in hiring you.

I guess it is just a cultural difference…






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