Top 10 things to do in Valencia

What I love about Valencia is that it is neither too big nor too small. It is perfect for walking around the city center without having to use the bus or metro all the time but it is also big enough to not get bored.

Here’s a list of (my personal!) top 10 things to do in Valencia:

  1. Go on top of the Miguelete

I already like the Miguelete from the outside. It is a beautiful tower at the Plaza de la Reina (Queens Place). You can go up there by paying 2 Euros only (important: If you enter the church you have to go to the left side if you want to go up the Miguelete – on the right side there is a musuem). Going up is a bit exhausting. There are many steps and the further up you go the tighter the stairs are but in the end it is definitely worth it. It will not be the most amazing view you have ever had but I definitely enjoy it and recommend it.

2. Visit the Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias

If you love museums you should definitely go inside. If you usually don’t go inside museums it is still nice to just walk around the area. The architecture is very modern and impressive. Since it is one of the main attractions in Valencia it is usually pretty crowded with tourists. The link to the musuems is here:

3. the River

Maybe you are now wondering what river I am talking about if you don’t know Valencia that well. If you look at the map of Valencia you will see a big (long) park which goes through the city of Valencia. It used to be a river (called Turia) many years ago but there happend a big flood so they diverted the river and now it is a park. It is one of my favourite places here. You will see many people going for a run or doing exercises, reading a book or doing a picnic etc. It is a beautiful and relaxing place.

4. Eat Paella

Since the Paella is from Valencia you definitely shouldn’t miss out on eating a good Paella. It mainly is rice with vegetables and meat. The typical one is with chicken and rabbit. There are many different kinds of Paella, for example black rice or with seafood etc. It is not one of my favourite meals but I do like it especially the one with vegetables and chicken.

     5. Go to the beach

The locals say that the beach in Valencia (Malvarrosa) is not a beautiful one. That’s probably because very close to Valencia are stunning beaches (for example in Javea!). I am not a big fan of swimming but I do like the beach a lot. I love to do activities such as beach-volleyball or playing beach-padel. If you like to go for a swim and sunbathe then this beach will definitely be enough. In summer it usually is really crowded though (obviously….)

     6. Buy Jamon at the Mercat Central 

I am a big fan of spanish Jamon (ham). I already like Jamon Serrano but Jamon Iberico is much better. At the Mercat Central you can find good jamon and also some fresh fruits and vegetables. There are also many nice restaurants nearby. You can btw also buy souvenirs at the market.

     7. Go shopping at Colon Street

If you wanna go shopping you should definitely go to Calle Colon. There are all kinds of shops and it is my favourite place to go shopping. You can find shops such as Zara, H&M, Corte Ingles and many many more. There are also many shoe shops or cosmetic stores there.

     8. Go to the Flower Bridge

I love flowers. There are many bridges in Valencia because of the old “River” Turia. Each bridge has a different unique style but my favourite one is definitely the brigde of flowers (Puente de las flores). It basically is just a normal bridge but covered with thousands of red and pink flowers.

9. Order Horchata and Fartons 

I never thought I would like it so much but I love to eat “Fartons” and dip it into Horchata. Farton is a kind of pastry with sugar on top. Horchata is sugar, water and “tigernuts” with some ice. I would not just order Horchata by itself – it is much better if you combine it with Fartons. One of the best Horchaterias in Valencia is the Horchateria “Daniel” and “La Vida” in Alboraya. (my personal favorite is La Vida)

   10. Just walk around the old town

I work in the city centre and whenever I have my one hour break I just walk around the city center to explore new streets. The main places are Plaza de Ayuntamiento, Plaza de la Reina and Plaza del Virgen with beautiful buildings and fountains. I especially love the architecture in Valencia. For me it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.



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