Finding a flat in Spain

Before even arriving in Spain I wanted to look for a flat but realized that it is almost impossible. When you write an e-Mail to the owner they almost never respond you. You would have to call them but I didn’t want to do that because of the high costs calling from a different country.

So I first stayed in a shared flat with friends. I am usually not the type of person that wants to live in a shared flat. I was looking forward to having my own private space, my own flat, own kitchen and bathroom but in the end I am now living in another shared flat but it is better than expected.

There are several applications / websites you can use to find a flat. My favourite one is “Idealista” ( . You can even draw the zone on the map where you want to live and you will get notifications of new flats immediately. In my opinion it is the best app to look for a flat but there are many others that you can use. For example: Fotocasa, Habitaclia, milanuncios, enalquiler.

The first shared flat I lived in was a bit outside of the city centre (in Benicalap) and it took me half an hour by bus to go to work everyday. I was looking for a flat in the city centre or really close to the work so I don’t have to take the bus anymore. I prefer walking. If you want to have a nice flat in the city centre you will probably have to pay around 500 -600 Euros per month. Since the salary here in Spain is not that high and my salaray isn’t high either I decided not to live in a flat by myself. I found flats for 400 Euros as well but with all the extra costs (electricity, water etc) it would cost me 500 Euros in the end anyways. I don’t want to spend half of my salary just for a flat so I was looking for another shared flat but closer to work.

After two months I finally found a room I liked (and an owner that has responded to my request). A big room, private bathroom and balcony in a shared flat with 4 other girls. Seems a lot but in the end I only have to share the kitchen and no more, so it is totally fine. Rent: 300 Euros and in a really good zone (close to Plaza Espanya)

Can’t wait to go to IKEA this week and buy decoration for my new home 🙂


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