Moving Day

I’ve been looking for a flat for a while now. I lived in a shared flat a bit outside of the city centre (Benicalap) and it took me an hour by bus every day to go to and return from work. Even though I had really nice flat mates I just wanted to live closer to the city centre and have my own space…and besides I don’t like going by bus at all.

After a loooong time searching for flats I finally decided to move to another shared flat again. Even though I cannot wait to have my own flat one day I just think it makes more sense for now because my salary is low and I don’t want to spend more than half of it just for a flat (They usually cost around 500 – 600 with electricity, water etc. included). On Idealista I found a room in a shared flat with 4 other girls. My first thought: no way I am going to live with 4 more people in one flat!

I went to see the room anyways because I had time and why not. I am glad I went. I was impressed from the first moment on. It is a really big room! Big bed, sofa with a little table, desk for my laptop, wardrobe and a lot of space to store my stuff – and the best: my own private bathroom in the room and my own balcony!!!

So even though there are 4 other girls living here it doesn’t feel like it. We only have to share the kitchen but during week I am at work anyways and can’t cook. There also is enough space in the kitchen and two fridges etc.

When I first went to see the room I told the owner immediately that I wanted to move in. I now live much closer to the city center and I can walk to work – no more going by bus! I am really happy even though I at first was determined to get my own little flat without sharing anything.

My friends always tell me I need to be more patient and they are right. One day I will have my own little flat for sure..  🙂

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