“Dream job”

I am 23 years old now. I know… I am still young but I feel like I need to decide soon on what kind of job I want to do in the future. How can I even figure out what kind of job I like? I have no idea. I admire people that have had the same job for many years and they just love what they are doing and don’t get bored or anything. They seem to have found their “dream job”. I am wondering if at some point it makes “click” and all of a sudden I know what I want to do or maybe I am that kind of person that is just looking for her dream job all her life.

I can honestly imagine to work in many different areas. I like many things but I just can’t decide. I once talked to a 40+ year old woman. She had a great career and made a lot of money but told me that the kind of job she had never made her happy and that’s why she quit and is now doing other jobs with lower salaries. I asked her if she ever knew what her “dream job” was and she told me >no<. She told me that she was looking for that kind of job for a very long time but it never seemed to make that “click”. That kind of drained my hope because when I am 40+ I definitely want to have a job I love. I want to do something I enjoy and am good at doing.

There are so many quotes on the internet and Instagram etc. Always something like “start now”, “today is the day”, “you can do it if you want”, “everthing is possible” and I agree…but…my problem is not the motivation.

If I find something I like I will do my best to work on it. My biggest problem is to decide. I am unfortunately not good at deciding and this is a big decision for me. Also there are so many options out there. Sometimes I just try to brainstorm. I write down all the things I like on a sheet of paper but in the end I just always get stuck. Many things I could imagine doing require some budget. I do have a bit of money saved but I am too afraid to risk my money for something I don’t even know will work out in the end.

I know that sometimes you need to take risks. It sounds easier than it is though. If you feel the same way please let me know.


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