This weekend I went to Peñíscola with my roommates. It was a great weekend. We went there because my friends’ families are from a village called Vinaroz which is like 15 minutes from Peñíscola. I didn’t expect it to be that beautiful. I already saw pictures from the castle on the hill etc but in real life it is just amazing. It is one of the most beautiful villages I have seen so far.

Even Game of Thrones was filmed there. Parts of the city of “Meereen” in Game of Thrones was filmed at the castle of Peñíscola. (I think it was in Season 6 but not sure).

The beach is big but in summer there are maaaany tourists even though it is a really small village. I also tried stand up paddeling for the first time. My friends love it and could do it all the time but I have to admit that one time is enough for me. I liked it, I am glad I tried it, but in general I am not that much of a fan of going into the water even though I love the beach. Finding the balance on the board was alright – even though I fell off the board like three times or more (because of the waves!) – but it is pretty exhausting to paddle especially when your friends are all much faster than you 😀

It was a really nice weekend and I hope I get to see more of Spain in the next few weeks.




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