One day in Javea

Last weekend I went to Javea (around 1,5 hours from Valencia by car). It was my second time there. First time I went to Javea was in November 2016.

Javea has one of the most beautiful beaches here in Spain. It has everything from big sand beaches to small beaches with stones or rocks.

A friend of mine from Belgium who did Erasmus in my university in Austria came to visit me and we did a little Erasmus Reunion in Javea. It was really nice to see the people again.

We went to the “Cala Granadella” which is a smaller beach with stones. First you have to get to a parking lot up the hill and then a bus brings you down to the beach for free. Since it is summer now it is soooo crowded. The morning we spent at the beach and at 14:00 in the afternoon (when the sun is the strongest, but hey it was cheaper at that time) we rented Kayaks. It was the first time for me going by kayaks. We went to a nearby cave and it was just beautiful. The water in Javea is amazingly clear and beautifully blue / turquoise. Going by kayaks was really nice but also really exhausting especially because there was wind and therefore waves.

After that we ate something really typical – Paella. It was a huge pan of Paella for 9 people. The valencian Paella is rice with chicken and rabbit and some vegetables. It is my favourite kind of Paella.

After eating lunch (spanish lunch time: we ate at 15:30) we went to see some other nice beaches in Javea and the main beach which is called Playa Arenal. We watched the sunset and returned back to Valencia to play some volleyball there.

It was a great day with great people, good food and I finally got really tan 🙂

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