Pou Clar

Yesterday we went to a place called Pou Clar. It is around 50 minutes away from Valencia (by car) close to the village called Ontinyent. There are some swimming pounds formed by the river called “Acequia del Alba”. Surprisingly it was sooo crowded even though we went on a Tuesday. We definitely didn’t expect that at all. Parking was therefore hard to find but we managed to find a place around 5 minutes walking distance from the pounds.

We went down to the water and there was a security guard waiting. He checked everyones bags because there are certain things that you cannot carry with you when entering the place. We didn’t expect that one either because it is a public place but okay.

He checked our bags and said we are not allowed to enter with food. Sandwich is allowed but salad, pasta, rice or anything that requires you to eat with a fork is not allowed. Since we do not want to throw away our food we went back all the way up and back to the parking to eat our lunch. The security there was pretty strict. He said if we eat our lunch anywhere else other than at the parking he will find out and will give us a fine…. okay… we got it!

So after lunch we went down again, got checked again by the security and finally entered the place. I already expected the water to be cold but it was FREAKING COLD. It reminded me of a river near my home in Austria where the water comes from a mountain. The water was so cold it actually hurt but after a while you kind of dont even feel your legs anymore haha. Since it was an extremely hot day and the sun was really strong it was refreshing.

Afterwards we went to a village called “Bocairent”. It looks like a really sweet and beautiful village on top of a hill. Driving there was a bit hard because the roads are extremely small there. I don’t know what would have happend if there had came a car from the other direction because there is no way it fits. Even for one car it was small. So you would have to go all the way back but backwards…. strange, but yeah.

We went to see a cave but I already forgot the name of it. The entrance was 1 Euro and it was like a game. You enter the cave and in each “room” (there are 54 “rooms but you don’t have to go to all of them) you have to find the right exit. It was interesting but within 10 minutes we were through the whole thing because we got every exit right.

It was a nice day but way too hot to do all the walking around that we did. At some point I just didn’t feel well because we didn’t even have water anymore and I felt so dried out but I got many great pictures from the beautiful river and village so it was definitely worth it 🙂

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