Acro yoga

Today I tried Acroyoga for the first time ever and I loved it.

A friend of mine, Nacho, and I went to see the sunrise at the beach. We looked at some pictures of Acroyoga on Instagram and tried to copy them. It was a lot harder than I thought. On the pictures or videos it always looks so easy but in reality it is pretty hard. You need flexibility, strength and a lot of balance at the same time. We did many excersises for around 2 hours. Of course we failed many times but we also learned a lot and in the end it was a really good training. Tomorrow I will have sore muscles for sure but that’s okay. I actually like the feeling of it because it means I did something for my muscles. I just hope it won’t be too strong because I want to do more excersises tomorrow.

Nacho and I decided to practice Acroyoga more often from now on. We will see how that goes but I definitely like it. I will upload some pictures of today. Sometimes we had to do the same pose many times because we failed – Fails are good – that’s how you learn. You learn from your mistakes and the next time you do it better.





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