First Day as a German teacher

So today I realised that I don’t even fully understand my own native language – GERMAN.

A language school contacted me a few days ago and asked me if I would be interested in teaching German at their language school. 3 classes per day and only 1 student in each class. I thought why not and I would love to show spanish people my language.

So I went there today and first we had to read a text together, explain the new vocabulary and work on pronounciation – so far so good.

The next part was the difficult one: GRAMMAR. I have no clue. It is my language and I cannot even explain the grammer. One guy asked me: “Oh, is this Dative?”…Well, I honestly have no idea if it is Dative or Accusative or whatever. Or talking about the tenses… oh my god. German seems really complicated. There are so many things that (I think) don’t even exist grammar rules for but on the other hand there are sooo many important grammar rules at the same time and I am just sooo glad it is my mother language because I really would not want to study German.

After all it went well today because I get the same instructions as the student so whenever he asks me about a grammar question I just go through the instructions with him because I would not be able to explain it to him without them.

Another thing I struggled with a bit was correcting someones text. The receptionists gave me an essay (2 pages) that had been written by a student. They asked me to correct it and then return it to the reception.

Correcting the grammar was not hard because when I hear or read it I just know if it is wrong or right and I don’t need to explain why so I just corrected the grammar (without actually knowing the grammar…). The hard part was correcting the sentences itself. I am not talking about the word order but sometimes some sentences just seemed weird or wrong even though the grammar was right. He used some words that I would not use in that context but was not sure if I need to correct them or not because sometimes I wasn’t even sure if it is actually right or wrong.

So that was my first impression after the first day as a german teacher. I am curious how it goes the next few days.


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