The beginning of my fitness journey

I have to admit that I was (and sometimes still am) not the most motivated person when it comes to fitness. For years I tried to do exercises at home and even signed up for a gym but without having any work-out plan and after a few months I gave up on that either. Whenever I saw people on Instagram doing their work-outs and looking just great I thought “how is it possible that they have such motivation? do they actually enjoy doing it? Am I really such a lazy person without any discipline and motivation?”

My work-outs at home looked like this: not having any plan I just started with some exercises and I stopped when it got really hard. Squats were the worst for me. So after doing a few I just stopped and kept going with a different exercise. Because sometimes I didn’t have much time or because there were other things I wanted to do instead I did everthing quickly to just finish it.

I tried several things like yoga or pilates etc. but after a few weeks I always lost the interest and did not continue.

And here I am now in April 2018: I get up every morning at 06:00 to go to the gym before work from Monday to Friday. Saturday I usually rest or do some stretching and Sunday I do work-outs outside at the park or some other activity with friends.

So how did I do that? Someone told me that if you do something for 21 days, you get used to it. The first thing I did was signing up for a gym.

The first few days when waking up at 6:00 were a real struggle. I thought almost every day that I could just skip one day and sleep a little longer but NO!! Fight the battle and get up! After a few minutes being awake you won’t even mind anymore and trust me: right after leaving the gym you will feel great!

If you prefer going to the gym after work that’s also great, but just DO IT! Don’t think: “I don’t feel like working out today, I just skip it and continue tomorrow”. Don’t think too much about whether you should go to the gym or not. This should not be any question at all. You have to make clear that you go to the gym because it’s part of your routine now. If you really want things to change you need discipline. So my advice is: don’t make it an option like “should I go today or not”, but make it part of your day and your mind will change. You will see that after one month of strictly going to the gym you will then feel like there is something missing if you actually have to skip the gym.

I can only tell you this: your motivation will get better but it will never be that easy like it looks on Instagram or whatsoever. But by doing the exercises constantly you will feel better, healthier and proud of yourself. I think it also makes you love your body more which is really important too. Just fight against what your mind is telling you because your body for sure can do it. It is only the mind blocking your actions.

Added note 3 months later: Now I can tell you for sure that your motivation is getting better especially when you start noticing some changes in your body. The exercises are still hard, but when you see some muscles growing and your body starts changing and you feel much better in general – this definitely is motivation for me! After 6 months of going to the gym everyday I will post before/after pictures.


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