How to prepare your first Mealprep

So first of all the most obvious is to know what you want to cook. You can either cook the same lunch for the whole week, which makes the cooking easier and saves time but many people get bored of eating the same thing for the whole week. Or you can make different meals, although in order to save time I would recommend maximum 2 different meals. For example Meal A on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Meal B on Tuesday and Thursday.

As soon as you know what you want to cook, write all the ingredients on your shopping list. Most of the people do the Mealprep on Sunday and in most of the places here in Europe the shops are not open on Sunday so I buy everything on Saturday. Once I am already cooking and then I realize I forgot an ingredient it’s too late so it is important to think of it before, make a good list and then go to the store and check the ingredients off your list to be sure you got everything you need.

If you don’t already have them I recommend you buying a set of tuppers that are all the same size. I have 5 square tuppers for the lunch and other 5 smaller and round ones for the salads. I also put stickers with the days on them but if you wash them in the dishwasher afterwards it doesn’t make sense to put them on. Or you can use waterproof markers.


So know you have got everything you need and it is time to think about the meal you want to cook, buy the ingredients you need and then put it in the tuppers after you are done cooking.

I realised that many people don’t do mealpreps because they don’t know what kind of food they can put in the freezer and what will be still good after a few days. So my next post will be about what kind of food you can use for mealpreps.




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