Chicken with rice and vegetables

Last week I cooked one meal for the whole week. I thought I would not get tired of eating the same lunch every day but I realised that after Wednesday I already wished I had something else. Anyways this is how I feel about it and I know that there are people that still would eat the same lunch from Monday to Friday. So this was my first week of Mealprep:

The lunch was: Chicken breast with rice and carrots and peas, and on the side a mix of zucchini and onion

First of all I wrote all the ingredients on my shopping list, then I bought all the ingredients for lunch at the supermarket, and also the breakfast and salad for the whole week for only 20 Euros. You save so much money when you prepare the food at home instead of buying lunch everyday outside.

I bought for lunch: 1 zucchini, 5 carrots, 1 big onion, 1 can of peas, round rice, chicken breasts

I bought for the salad: lettuce, cherry tomatoes, mix of seeds, crab sticks, nuts

I bought for breakfast: greek yogurt, 2 apples, 3 bananas, 1 pear, mix of seeds, cinnamon


For cooking I used: Parsley, chicken seasoning, pepper and a little bit of salt. (Sorry for the minced beef on the picture, that was meant for something else 😀 )

Preparing, cooking, and cleaning up everything afterwards (I don’t have a dishwasher) only took me 1,5 hours.

First of all I prepared the rice. I have a rice cooker and put in 3 cups of rice (and 6 cups of water) and a little bit of salt. I cut small pieces of the carrots and boiled them in hot water for a while because I prefer them a little soft. Then I cut the zucchini and onions and fried them in the pan, but not for too long. I take them out of the pan before they turn brown because I prefer to not cook vegetables too much (many vitamins get lost when they are overcooked). After that I put in the chicken breasts (alreayd seasoned and with salt and pepper) and fry them as well. I usually use olive oil to fry vegetables and any kind of meat.

Then the rice should be done after around 25 minutes, put them in a big pot and add peas and carrots and mix it all up. You can taste and check if there is maybe some salt or pepper missing. Then put it evenly in your tupper boxes, same goes for the zucchini-onion mix and the chicken breasts and voila – your lunch for the whole week is done. That easy! To finish it all up I put some parsely on top.


Preparing the salad: I cut the ingredients for the salads in advance and put them in different tuppers to keep them fresh. In my first week of mealprep I already prepared the salads too but after just 2 days it doesn’t taste any fresh anymore. To still prepare everything in advance just put the dressing you want to use for the salad in the evening before or even in the morning before going to work in an empty tupper box and add the ingredients to it and you will have a fresh salad for work.

For the breakfast I will do a different post otherwise it is getting to long here 🙂

Anyways I will from now on do my Mealpreps with 2 different meals per week because I get bored easily eating the same everyday. But even with cooking 2 different meals you can save a lot of time and it does’t necessarily mean that the cooking will take much longer.



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