Frozen Fruits

The first week of my meal prep I wanted to prepare the fruits for my breakfast already.  (My breakfast consists of: greek yogurt, 1 fruit, oats, granola and cinnamon). So I cut it all and then put them into a tupper and then in the freezer. I tried it with apples, pears, strawberries and blueberries. I realised that once you thaw the fruits, they get all mushy and I wasn’t even sure they would still be good to eat or not.

My problem was:

  • If I take them out of the freezer and put them into the fridge the night before, they get very mushy over night.
  • If I take them out the same day in the morning, they don’t have enough time to thaw so I cannot eat them either.

I searched on the internet for a while to find solutions and found that once they are that mushy, they are not safe to eat anymore. I found that it is better to actually take them out of the freezer in the morning and there are several ways of thawing them such as:

     ∴   put them under cool water (but you will need up to 1 hour for this method)

     ∴   put them into the microwave (for no more than 1 minute..better check after a few              seconds)

btw: never refreeze fruits! Once you took them out of the freezer do not put them back in!!

Since I don’t have time to put them under cool water nor do I want to put them into the microwave because it doesn’t sound that healthy to me, I do something else now:

I buy fresh fruits twice a week. Berries including strawberries usually don’t last longer than a maximum of 2 days – so on the first and second day I eat all the berries. When there are no more berries at home I then eat the bananas and then apples and pears because they last the longest. I never had to throw any apple or pear away- they always were still good to eat. If you want to prepare them before you can cut them and put the pieces into a tupper and into the fridge the day before. But I would rather separate them and don’t mix them together.

I always eat my breakfast at work (because before work I go to the gym so I cannot eat my breakfast at home). I always bring the fruits with me and then just cut them directly at work. It only takes a few seconds and I think concerning the freshness this is the best option for me. If you can just cut the fruits right before eating they taste the best!

If you have any experiences with frozen fruits I would love to hear them!

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