When: May 2018


Arthur’s Seat

At the moment my boyfriend lives in England for 3 months so we planned a vacation in the UK to see each other. After checking flights we chose to go to Scotland. From Valencia to Edinburgh – and back from Glasgow to Valencia I only paid 50 Euros for both flights (Ryanair). It was a pretty spontaneous trip and never thought I would visit Scotland this year already.


So I arrived in Edinburgh on Thursday night and stayed at the “West End Hostel”. The first night I stayed alone in a hostel because Javi arrived the morning after. I did not have any pounds because I paid all the hotels and flights online and Javi would give me the cash in pounds to pay for his part so I don’t have to change money from Euro to Pounds.

To get from the airport to the city center you just take the bus A100 which is right outside the airport. It was very easy to find the bus and to find my way from the bus station to the hostel. When entering the hostel I looked for the reception but could not find it, but there was a bar so I asked the bartender where the reception is because I wanted to check-in and he told me that the bar is also the reception. So that was pretty weird but funny.


The next day when Javi arrived we went to check in at the Britannia Hotel and finally started touring around the city. First we went to “Dean Village”. It is a nice walk next to a small river with a lot of nature and cute houses. It is a very calm place and really nice to take pictures.


Dean Village

In the afternoon we went to see the old town, walked up the castle and along the High Street. For lunch we had Jacket Potatoe which is apparently typical in the UK – it was really tasty! In the evening we walked up the Calton Hill. It is a really nice place with good views and definitely a must see when you are in Edinburgh. Luckily we had great weather and it didn’t even rain at all.


Calton Hill

The second day we did a little hike up the Arthur’s Seat. There are actually more ways and hills you can climb up and you have a great view of the city and the river. I was so impressed by the nature and the green hills. After living in Spain for a while you get really impressed when seeing something so green (because where I live now most of the mountains are just brown and dry haha).


I only brought one pair of sneakers which was a big mistake. I was wearing sneakers that I usually only wear when doing exercises (a short amount of time) and never had worn them before for 2 days straight. My feet were hurting so much it made walking around really difficult and of course I got blisters…various blisters :-(.



Calton Hill in Edinburgh


In the afternoon we went to Glasgow. We booked the bus ticket 2 hours before on the phone. It was 5 pounds only and a 1:15 hours bus ride with Megabus. In Glasgow we stayed at the EasyHotel. It is a budget hotel and really really basic. There is nothing in the room except for a bed (and a TV which you have to pay). There was not even a window. The wifi was not for free either. But the worst part was the blanket – it was way too small for 2 people and did not even cover us fully up so we slept very little. We stayed in Glasgow for 2 nights. We walked around a lot in the city. It is really big and modern. The funniest thing is the statue of the duke with a traffic cone on his head. We first thought it was a joke but then read online that the cone has been up there for many years already.


Arthu’s Seat in Edinburgh

We went to the botanic garden. It is located in a beautiful park and the botanic garden itself is even for free. Since there are not that many things to see in Glasgow the botanic garden is a nice place to visit.




All in all it was a really nice vacation and I am so impressed by how friendly the people in Scotland are. Every person we met in public places like restaurant, shops, hotels etc. was really friendly and attentive. In Edinburgh there are many more things to visit than in Glasgow. The two cities are really very different from each other. Personally I liked Edinburgh much more. If you haven’t been there already you should maybe consider a visit 🙂



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