When: May 2018


Last weekend I went to Austria to visit my family and friends. From Valencia to my hometown there are no direct flights so I had a stopover in Frankfurt (Lufthansa). I arrived on Saturday at noon and my sister and my niece picked me up from the airport in Linz. We then went to my mom’s place to have lunch all together which was really nice. I haven’t seen them since Christmas. I usually go to Austria 2 times per year.


On Sunday we went hiking to my favourite mountain in Austria. It’s called “Schober” and it’s located in “Thalgau”. It’s my favourite mountain because from the top of it you can see 7 different lakes and the view is just amazing. It takes around one hour to go up there. There is no restaurant on the top (it’s a smaller mountain) so better bring your own food. The weather was also amazing and much better than in Spain which is not very usual. This year the spring in Valencia has been really bad while in Austria it was really warm.


On Monday I visited my grandparents and on Tuesday I went already back to Valencia. It was a very short trip but I did so many things in these 3,5 days, including a birthday party, going to the gym, hiking, family dinners and lunch, going to a lake, going to the doctor (because unfortunately I had a bad experience with a doctor here in Spain so I will only go to my doctor in Austria).


Unfortunately I did not have time to visit my favourite city Salzburg but next time then 🙂 It was really nice to see my family and best friends again. I wish I could go to Austria more often.




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