Energy Bars

I love energy bars but they contain a lot of sugar – so I don’t buy them anymore

I go to the gym at 7 am every day and I eat my breakfast afterwards, but I don’t want to go to the gym with an empty belly so the perfect solution is eating ENERGY BARS. In the first few weeks I used to buy them at the supermarket or at a sports store but once you look at the ingredients especially how much grams of sugar they contain you will not want to eat them anymore.

Since a few days ago I actually always check the nutrition charts (not the calories though) of almost everything I buy just to get a feeling of how much sugar, protein, fat etc. is actually in the food that I’m eating everyday and sometimes it was just shocking.

I am also shocked by a very famous company that sells protein powder (I don’t want to mention the name but they sell A LOT – all of my Instagram seems to be full of their products. I compared their chocolate protein powder with the chocolate protein powder I buy from “My Protein” ( While the protein powder I use has around 7 grams of sugar, the chocolate powder of the well-known company that many people use has 30 (!!!) grams of sugar. This is insane! People buy these products because of the marketing and don’t even check or compare if it is actually good for them. I mean, how can someone say they live healthy and put protein with that much sugar in their meal everyday. Please always check the charts and don’t trust the marketing. And only because they promote their product with famous people, it does not mean that this famous person is actually consuming the product!!!

Anyways…can’t wait to share my first ever Energy Bar Recipe here soon πŸ™‚

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