First homemade Energy Balls

So yesterday I spend my night watching youtube videos about how to make energy bars and I was so excited about it that today I have already tried them for the first time.

It looks soooo easy on the videos. My plan today was to make bars but they turned out to be balls instead haha. So here’s the story:

I bought:

dates (without pits, or just remove them yourself)

peanuts (salted, but because in the supermarket they did not have unsalted ones although it also tastes grate with salted peanuts)

coconut rasps

dried cranberries

I honestly did not do any measuring. I just put in the ingredients how I felt like because at the moment I don’t have any measuring cups at home. So first I cut the dates into smaller pieces, then I added the coconut rasps, peanuts, dried cranberries (optional: honey). I mixed it all together. On the videos on youtube they all use a food processor which is perfect to mix it all together! Unfortunately I don’t have a food processor at home (not yet…) so I used my mixer. As you probably already assume it did not work that well with my mixer. After a few struggles of mixing it together until all the ingredients sticked together I put it all into a tupper box with baking paper underneath and spread the mass evenly. I had a few problems spreading it because it was so sticky – next time I have to either use more of the other ingredients or less dates (because that’s the sticky stuff). I then put it into the fridge for one hour.

The mixture should be hard and then you can cut them into pieces in form of bars or whatever you prefer. Since I had a few struggles spreading it out evenly it didn’t really look nice as bars so I just decided to roll them and make balls instead – same same but different 😉

Afterwards I just put some more coconut rasps on top and they looked like that:


They taste SUPER DELICIOUS. You can store them in the fridge for up to 2 weeks without any problems. I cannot wait to make the next ones. I am already thinking about different ingredients 🙂

Time I needed to make it: 10 minutes

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