When: May 2018



On the weekends my boyfriend and I usually visit some villages in Spain together with some friends. This time we went to Altea, which is a 1,5 hours car drive away from Valencia. We packed our lunch and snacks and went to Altea in the morning.


Altea has a lot of charm: white houses on a hill and long stairways with beautiful pink flowers. The way up to the hill was amazing and the view from all the way up is just beautiful. You see over the city of Altea, the beach and the huge blue sea – it was a dream. Walking through Altea reminded me a lot of the city “Peñíscola” (one of my favourite places in Spain.

In the afternoon we walked along the beach and had our lunch there. There is a long rock path into the sea which was also amazing. We spent a lot of time there watching the waves and relaxing a little. It then started to rain and we went back to Valencia a little earlier than planned but it was a really nice day in Altea and it is the perfect place for a daytrip.



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