Plank Challenge

At the gym we did a PLANK CHALLENGE. So everyone starts at the same time and the winner is the one who can hold the plank for the longest. We were like 10 people… and I lost. Now this gave me motivation to do better and to keep it up much longer. I will now do planks every day and try to hold it up a little longer.

I started yesterday and was able to hold 1 Minute and 7 seconds (the winner at the gym was up until 4 minutes!). I mean.. if you read the guinnes book of world records there was some guy who did 8 hours haha… my goal for this summer is to keep the plank for at least 2,5 minutes. I know it doesn’t sound much. Maybe you can hold it much longer…maybe not. The plank definitely looks easier than it is. It starts very easy but after a while you will see that it’s pretty hard to keep it up. Also I am trying to set realisitc goals here that I can actually accomplish.

⇒ How long can you hold up the plank? 🙂


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