When: June 2018



We have been wanting to go to Albarracín for a while now and fiiiinally did it! The reason why it took us so long to go there is because the weather in Albarracín is completely different than the weather in Valencia. In winter it gets really cold there and even minus degrees (I know, I am from Austria and people always tell me that I should be used to the cold – but I am NOT! In fact, I don’t like cold weather at all, that’s why I live in Spain now haha)

Now in June we finally went there. We left the hot and sunny Valencia and then arrived to a cold and windy Albarracín. It is a 2 hours drive away from Valencia. We walked up to the castle walls and had an amazing view over the old town of Albarracín. It looks like a town stuck in medieval time but it’s incredibly beautiful.


Everything there has the same colour and is made out of stones and wood. Even bigger companies/banks blend in perfectly by adapting their logos to a brown colour. We enjoyed a lot walking around there.


After lunch we wanted to explore a little more but right after we stepped outside it started pouring – but… A LOT! We waited for a while under a little roof because usually in Valencia when it starts to rain that much, it stops quickly afterwards. So we waited and waited and nothing. It was getting really cold, my shoes and socks were already soaked and then we just decided to run to our cars. So we ran and got completely soaked, it was crazy. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of it. We then drove back to Valencia, 2 hours in a car with completely wet clothes and hair so we turned on the heating just to get a little dry. And 2 hours later we arrived back to our hot and sunny Valencia 🙂

Here are some more pictures of Albarracín:

btw. the first time I heard about this place was on a spanish TV show called “Volando voy”.


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