When: June 2018



The summer has finally arrived! In Valencia we live right next to the beach but to see something different we went to Montanejos. It’s a 1 hour and 15 minutes car drive from Valencia to get there. It’s formed by the river “Río Mijares” and close to the town there is a place called “Fuente de Los Baños” where you can go swimming. The scenery there is beautiful. The water is shallow, clear and turquoise.

The rocks around the river are steep and high. The water was pretty cold… too cold for me to go swimming. There is parking closeby. We went there during week and it was great but if you go on a weekend you have to expect many many people.


We didn’t do much other than sunbathing and swimming (yup, I got sunburnt as well). It’s a really nice and natural place.

The best thing to do after a nice day at the beach or lake or river etc. is to drink a good Horchata. This is my favourite summer drink every. It’s made out of nuts called “Chufa” that grow in Alboraya (Valencia). First time I tried it I didn’t even like it so much and now I just love it 🙂



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