When: April 2018


I have been wanting to go to Lisbon for a very long time. The pictures always looked so amazing and in April I finally went to Portugal during the Easter holidays. Marina and I wanted to spend the holidays together since we don’t see each other that often, because I live in Spain and she lives in Austria. First she thought about coming here to Valencia to visit me but in the end we decided to go somewhere else and explore a new place we both haven’t seen yet. So we decided to go to Portugal! We booked our flights to Lisbon and the return flight from Porto.


I flew with the portuguese Airline TAP to Lisbon and it was the scariest flight I ever experienced. Since the wind in Valencia was REALLY STRONG (no exaggeration…) I already felt a little scared although usually I don’t mind going by plane at all. It was a really small plane with only 4 seats per row. After taking off the plane soon started shaking a lot and moving around and people screaming…and I thought: “that was it” haha. I honestly always wanted to know how I would react in situations like that (I know.. maybe weird but true) because I always thought that I would just keep calm and that it would not affect me that much. From the outside I actually kept calm, I did not scream, but from the inside it felt like an explosion. I got so sick I thought I would have to throw up and my heart was racing like it never has before. It was a horrible situation, probably my first panic attack in my life. Anyways,… the pilot handled the situation well and we arrived safely in Lisbon. Never was I happier to be on the ground again.



Marina and I met on the airport and we went to the city together. We stayed at the Passport Lisbon Hostel (Link: http://www.passporthostel.com/en-EN/lisbon-rooms/). We stayed in a double room which was great. Every room is very funny and creative. The only thing I did not like but it seemed to me that it is a general problem in Lisbon is all the mold on the walls.


We spent 3 days in Lisbon and walked around a lot. We went to see the LX Factory which is a little far from the city center but you could also take the bus. There are many handmade souvenirs, clothes and jewellery, book stores, bars etc. It’s definitely a nice place. We also went to see the Tram No. 28 because it’s the most famous but we did not go on a ride, we just took several pictures of it. If you go to the Santa Justa it is not necessary to take the lift. You can walk up on the other side, passing the restaurant “Bellalisa”. If you want to go all the way up you would have to buy a ticket and take the stairs from there, but if you stay at the platform there is a nice view and in my opinion it’s not worth it paying extra money just to go up a few meters more.


On the third day we went to Porto. The plan was going by train but when we arrived to the train station they told us that there is no train because of a strike. It was a little complicated but in the end we found a very cheap bus going to Porto. We spent two days in Porto.



While we were very lucky with the weather in Lisbon, the weather in Porto was not that nice. It was cold and rainy. Porto is also a nice city, especially when you walk through those little streets next to the river. The bridge is truly amazing and on the other side you can go for a walk along the river. We found a really cool breakfast place called “Zenith” but it was sooo full. Luckily we were the first ones because we were there before it even opened. But if you arrive just 10 minutes later you will already have to wait to get a table. It was crazy!! But their food is really amazing (see pictures below).



All in all I liked Lisbon more even though many people told me that they preferred Porto. Lisbon is a little hippy, many tiles on the walls and a lot of street art, many handmade things etc. The trams and the bridge remind a little of San Francisco (the bridge is a mix of SF’s two bridges “Golden Gate Bridge” and “Bay Bridge”). The typical dessert “Pastel de Nata” is also really yummy and you should definitely try it.

I really liked Lisbon a lot and would definitely visit it a second time too 🙂





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