You changed your mind again?

I am a person who changes her mind really quick – and I don’t like it. I find something interesting, get really into it and do everything for it but then after a really short time I lose interest and forget about it. This has already cost me money too. For example: I love taking pictures and editing. I then thought I should maybe start an online course of photography to learn more about it. So I registered for an online master of photography and photoshop which has cost me a few hundreds of euros. Guess what happend.. of course I never finished the course. In the first two weeks I was really excited and motivated and all of a sudden…nothing. I never lost the interest in taking pictures and editing though, I just want to do it my way so I gave up on the idea of doing some professional photography.

This happens with almost everything. Still have to figure out how to change that. Maybe just stick with that one idea that I have at the moment? But then when I lose interest there is nothing that motivates me to keep doing it and usually that’s because I find something else that interests me more. But it cannot keep going like that, otherwise it’s like a neverending “starting-and-quitting” thing.

Since like one year my main goal is to have my own business. But my problem is to find the right idea. I have already had several ideas and every time I get an idea I am so convinced of it and start researching and everything. A few days or even weeks later all of a sudden I don’t find the idea that convincing anymore and I am having a different idea. It’s crazy.

It actually also happens with this website. I first started it 1 year ago. I don’t know how many times I have changed the overall design, created posts and then deleted all of them again, just because I got a different idea of what to write about. This needs to stop. So this is the kind of website I am keeping now. No more deleting posts and I gotta learn discipline and commitment. I believe that these are very important to succeed.

But I am wondering – has this something to do with personality? or generation? or something else? of course not everyone in my generation is like that but it is true that most of us like to change a lot. Just thinking about the job situation. People in my age change companies a lot while older people mostly stick with the same job for many many years.



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