La Fontcalda

Today we did another daytrip! This summer is full of daytrips and I love it. Spain has so many beautiful villages and nature to offer. 


Today we went to Tarragona to a place called “La Fontcalda”. We went by car and it was crazy because first you have to go all the way up to a mountain and then on the other side all the way down again. The little river is in the middle of all the mountains and the only road that leads there is actually going over the mountains.

It was really quiet and almost no people because we went early in the morning. Later at noon there were more and more people coming. The plan was to go swimming but we both did not go inside the water because it was full of crabs haha. I saw at least 20 different crabs and they are sooo fast! So nope.. we just laid there to get tanned and relax a little 🙂


Some people jump from the rocks inside the water but that’s something I could not do – I honestly am way to afraid of jumping. I rather watch the others haha.


The water was really green and clear. On the picture above the shade on the rock looks like the face of a man – really scary but fascinating!






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