Beach day again

Another day at the beach!


I don’t like mainstream beaches that are over crowded and dirty. It’s amazing that now in summer the main beaches are soooo full of people. They almost lie on top of each other. They leave a lot of waste, it’s loud, the water is dirty and full of sun creen – it’s disgusting. For me this kind of beaches are not relaxing at all. The main beach in Valencia (Malvarrosa) is kinda like that too and that’s why I don’t go there even though I live in Valencia and people always think it’s so amazing that I live in a city next to a beach.


I prefer to go to natural beaches, outside of the city, with a lot of space,…

I sound like a grandma writing this but it’s the truth. Like that you can truly listen to the sound of the waves ๐Ÿ˜› So today we went to a stone beach in Vinaroz. In the past I didn’t like stone beaches at all but now they don’t bother me anymore. I bought shoes from Decathlon so the little stones don’t hurt and they work great.



The only downside is that you need a car to these kind of beaches. I don’t have a car in Valencia but Javi does ๐Ÿ˜€



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