If the time is not now, when is it?

I feel like I am an expert in telling myself: “okay, but after the vacation/birthday/nextmonth/whatsoever I will finally start doing it”.

A few years ago I wanted to start to go to the gym regularly but somehow I never really started. There was always some event or whatsoever that made me say: “I’ll start right after that”. But of course, when one thing is over another is coming. So it was an endless postponing of starting my fitness journey. Finally, a few years later, I started my fitness journey this year and since then I am going every day and it feels great. So I feel like I finally broke out of my postponing-loop.

But now I am stuck in another loop. Since last year my plan is to start my own business. I have plans and ideas..,and also time because since last month I don’t work anymore. There should not be any excuse. When I was still working my only ever excuse was: “With a full time job I don’t have enough time to start my own business, as soon as I don’t work there anymore I will start for sure!”

Well here I am right now.. not working anymore and still not heading towards my business goal…but why? I guess the exact same thing is happening to me right now like it happened to my fitness goal a few years ago. The beginning is hard. You need a lot of discipline. It doesn’t matter if fitness, business or whatever. It is imporant to have discipline and to commit to your goal. In the beginning it will be exhausting but after a few weeks of regularly doing it the motivation will come and it will feel much better and I am sure it will be all worth it.

So the time has come for me now to break out of that loop again and to finally take action.


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