Besalú and the volcanic area La Garrotxa


Today we visited the town Besalú and the volcanic area called “La Garrotxa” which are close to Girona. We got up at 8 in the morning, had breakfast and went to Besalú. It was a half an hour drive by car. Besalú is really small and a medieval city. You feel like you are in a different time walking around the town.

You don’t need much time there because it’s really small and in less than one hour you have seen pretty much everything. We stayed a little longer because we went to have our morning coffee there. (not for me though, I don’t like the taste of coffee – I prefer cacao :-))



From Besalú to the volcanic area it’s another half an hour by car. The volcanic area is called “La Garrotxa”. There are many different volcanoes and walking routes. We went to the volcano called “Santa Margarida”. For more information about the volcanoes you can read here:


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