Where the rich people are


I am really surprised by how many beautiful and special places there are in the community of Cataluña. We went to Empuriabrava which is a city with canals where you can rent a boat and navigate around. The houses there are incredible. All really beautiful with their own big boats or yates (some even have garages on the water for the boats). So this is where rich people are in summer haha.



We rented an eco-friendly electric boat from the company called “ecoboats” (www.ecoboats.es). It was 50 Euros for 1 round which takes around 1 hour. Empuriabrava is full of french and german people.. it’s obvious because they put their flags on their boats. On a hot day like that the boat ride was perfect!


When navigating around and seeing all these rich families I was thinking: “I am wondering where they got their money from”, they have a high paying job? Or because they have their own company? What kind of company? I am really interested in knowing different business ideas but unfortunately it was not possible to talk to any of them.

After that we went to the beach to Aiguablava (it’s catalan and means “blue water”). The view from up the hill where we parked the car was great but on the beach there were waaaay too many people – I didn’t like it that much.



The water was a bit cold but refreshing. Parking is really difficult there. There is a parking lot but it was already full when we arrived there. We parked up the hill – it was around 15 minutes of walking. On the way back we saw that every single car on the way up to the hill got a fine of 80 Euros. We were lucky because we parked all the way up the hill and apparently it was fine there.



So that’s the end of our trip to Girona. It was great! This weekend I will be staying in Valencia because I am getting visit from Austria but after that Javi and I are going to the Canary Islands for 10 days to celebrate my birthday there 🙂

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