Marina, Beach and Spanish Tapas


In Valencia there is a Beach Club called Marina Beach. My best friend’s name who came to visit me last weekend is also Marina… so of course we went to Marina Beach together ๐Ÿ˜›

During day it’s a bar and also restaurant with pool while at night it turns into a club with loud music and people there are all dressed up nicely. I decided to wear my new jumpsuit from Stradivarius. (


We didn’t spend much time at the beach club though because we are not really into partying at the moment (sounding like a grandma.. I know). Instead we went for a walk on Malvarrosa Beach and after that we went to have dinner – Spanish tapas! Typical tapas here in Valencia are: Patatas Bravas with Alioli, Calamares, Chipirones/Puntillas, Chorizos, Tortilla de Patata,…

We went to a Tapas Bar called “el pato mareao” which literally means “dizzy duck” as you can see the painting on the wall:

We ordered Patatas Bravas, Puntillas and Calamares to share and then ordered Quesadillas for Marina and me and a Pita Sandwich for Javi.


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