Tenerife (1/5) – Day of Arrival

We are going to Tenerife!

Day 1 (Arrival): We went from Valencia with Ryanair and of course the flight got delayed (but at least the flight didn’t get cancelled…). We arrived at 00:40 at the airport and had to pick up the rental car (Budget Car Rental / Avis) but they close at 01:00. Since Ryanair has this policy that you have to give up your small cabin bag and then wait after the flight for it to arrive, we would not have had enough time to go to the car rental station. (ah and of course Ryanair made us sit seperately, although we booked together… they really do anything for getting some extra money!). So we agreed that Javi (who sat in the front of the airplane) runs right to the taxi station to go to the car rental while I wait to get our two bags at the airport.

He ran like crazy (when he told me about it I had to laugh so much.. but if there would have been police they would have ran after him for sure!! better not run inside an airport haha) and then went to the taxi station skipping several people waiting in line. He went straight to the taxi driver beggin to please bring him to the car rental station, because they would close within 10 minutes. The taxi driver wasn’t very happy about it and told him that there are many people in front of him who have been waiting for much longer time but in the end he agreed and of course got some good tip 😀

In the end it was all good, Javi picked me up with the rental car and we went from the airport to Puerto de la Cruz (1 hour driving) to our apartment. The apartment is called “Smart Florida Apartment” and seems nice. The bathroom is big enough with bath tub, we have a little kitchen, 2 single beds and a (old and little disgusting) sofa with an old TV (so old that when you turn it on it makes this weird sounds like “puff”..do you remember that?). On the terrace there is a swimming pool. The location is perfect. It’s very close to all the restaurants and bars and shopping and you can park very nearby. Tomorrow we will finally see Tenerife by day 🙂


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