Tenerife (4/5) – Like being on a different planet


Today we drove up to the Teide – the famous volcano in Tenerife. It’s over 3.700 meters high!! There are several roads going up there to the cable car station (2.700 meters) with many viewpoints where you can stop and take pictures along the road.


It was amazing and feels like being on a different planet being up there. The stones are all much lighter than normal stones and it just felt different… the air, the rocks, the colours,…


We went to the cable car station because we wanted to go all the way up to the top of the Teide but unfortunately the tickets were sold out. So we bought a ticket for the next day  (It’s 27 Euros per person for both ways). If you ever plan on going up there you better buy the tickets in advance. Since it was a long way up there and we didn’t want to go back down already we stopped at the viewpoint of “Minas de San Jose” and took some pictures – it was a lot of fun.


We then went to a restaurant on the way down called “El Romance”. The guy at the gas station recommended it to us and we were so happy about it. The food was great and the staff too – the people here in Tenerife seem so incredibly friendly!!



After lunch we went to Puerto de la Cruz to the beach “Playa Jardin”. It’s a black beach. Next to it there are many stone towers, looks really fun. Today the waves were really big and strong and too dangerous to go inside to swim.


For dinner we walked up to the “Mirador de la Paz” only to find out that there are no restaurants – I should have looked it up before but the view was totally worth it anyways. Then we went to eat dinner – Pizza and Smoothies 😛


Usually both of us eat really healthy but now that we are on vacation we eat a lot of crap… and desserts everyday haha, but once we get back to Valencia we will get back to eating healthy again.


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