Moving to China – Rollercoaster of feelings

2 weeks ago Javi got accepted for a job offer in China. This means both of us are moving to CHINA soon. He goes the last week of August while I have to wait because I need his invitation letter for my visa. He gets a work visa while I have to go as a tourist and then change it to a student visa once I found a chinese course after arriving. So I will go 2 or 3 weeks after him.

Might sound all easy and organized but it’s not. It has been a rollercoaster of feelings the last few days. First because Javi got accepted while we were on vacation in Tenerife. But once you get accepted it means – fast fast fast. So there are a few steps he had to do like validate all the documents of his trainings and certifications etc. He had to ask a friend who luckily (!) had a key of his home. He got all the documents, went to the post office and sent it all to an agency in Madrid who can do the legislation of the documents. Might sound easy too but it was a pain in the ass and a lot of time being on the phone explaining what kinds of documents and where they are and finding an agency who can do it all and fast.

So it was a “yay, we are going to china, that’s so exciting and we finally don’t have to worry about finding a job anymore” and at the same time a “omg, we need to do this all as fast as possible, hopefully it all goes well, but at the same time we want to enjoy some of the vacation”. It was like being so excited and happy but stressed and nervous at the same time. Many emails, many phone calls, many text messages,…while hiking or being on the beach.

We managed to enjoy the vacation nevertheless though. Once we were back in Valencia it continued: I tried to find a solution for my visa problem: since Javi and I are not married, I cannot simply go with him. I have to apply for the tourist visa or visitor visa but the maximum stay in China would be 60 days! The plan is to be there for 1 year!

I wrote many emails but was not very lucky. The Chinese Embassy in Austria responded to my email saying that I have to call. I called and explained the situation and they told me that they cannot help me. Great, well done Austria. So now I am doing my visa here in Spain and I am still waiting for an answer because I contacted an agency so I don’t have to go to Madrid to the embassy.

Then Javi got another problem with the documents because one of the documents that was already in Madrid needs to be approved by someone in Valencia and then sent back to the agency in Madrid and because there is a holiday too it all takes much longer than it should. On top of that he is in his hometown over summer and went all the way to Valencia today for nothing – only to find out that they dont work because of the “puente” (bridge day).

The point is – the past few days have been like this all the time. Something goes well for him but something bad for me and he tries to cheer me up, or the exact opposite, something goes well for me and finally get information about the visa chaos but something goes wrong for him and then I try to motivatie him. Like a ping pong haha.. many mixed feelings: happy, excited, nervous, stressed, annoyed, motivated, angry, energized,…

But we both know that this is normal, things like that happen and in the end it will all go well. It’s just annoying when you try to be organized and fast but you depend on other companies or embassies and they dont work fast enough, sometimes even with mistakes (yes, it happened too) or dont even give you any information because they dont seem to care because there are probably many people calling every day.

Soooo we will see how it goes the next few days 😀

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