A city full of confetti


Last week I went to Bétera with my ex-work colleagues. Bétera is a smaller town close to Valencia. We went there because we knew there would be a festival right now. We had no idea what kind of festival or why they celebrate it but to our surprise we found part of the town covered in confetti. It was holiday (August 15th) and most of the shops and restaurants were closed but because of this festival there was a street full of bars and restaurants, food stands and attractions.

We went for a walk around the town and that`s how we discovered the confetti covered town center. It was really crazy seeing that much confetti on the street. You could not even see the street anymore because it was fully covered. We took many pictures and videos throwing confetti into the air. Apparently they do this every year and it lasts for around 10 days. On the last days they walk around throwing fireworks at night. Some people have their house, especially doors and windows, covered with wood for this reason (to protect their walls I guess).

So here are some pictures, it was a lot of fun:






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