Tenerife (4/5) – Like being on a different planet


Today we drove up to the Teide – the famous volcano in Tenerife. It’s over 3.700 meters high!! There are several roads going up there to the cable car station (2.700 meters) with many viewpoints where you can stop and take pictures along the road.


It was amazing and feels like being on a different planet being up there. The stones are all much lighter than normal stones and it just felt different… the air, the rocks, the colours,…


We went to the cable car station because we wanted to go all the way up to the top of the Teide but unfortunately the tickets were sold out. So we bought a ticket for the next dayΒ  (It’s 27 Euros per person for both ways). If you ever plan on going up there you better buy the tickets in advance. Since it was a long way up there and we didn’t want to go back down already we stopped at the viewpoint of “Minas de San Jose” and took some pictures – it was a lot of fun.


We then went to a restaurant on the way down called “El Romance”. The guy at the gas station recommended it to us and we were so happy about it. The food was great and the staff too – the people here in Tenerife seem so incredibly friendly!!



After lunch we went to Puerto de la Cruz to the beach “Playa Jardin”. It’s a black beach. Next to it there are many stone towers, looks really fun. Today the waves were really big and strong and too dangerous to go inside to swim.


For dinner we walked up to the “Mirador de la Paz” only to find out that there are no restaurants – I should have looked it up before but the view was totally worth it anyways. Then we went to eat dinner – Pizza and Smoothies πŸ˜›


Usually both of us eat really healthy but now that we are on vacation we eat a lot of crap… and desserts everyday haha, but once we get back to Valencia we will get back to eating healthy again.


Tenerife (3/5) – North and West Coast


Today we went to Garachico, to the so-called natural swimming pools. We went really early because we had a lot of things planned. It was really nice and quiet there and lots of big waves ❀ Later more and more people came and at around 10:00 it was already crowded so we left. If you go there I recommend you go early – it’s worth it, because there is not a lot of space!

I didn’t go swimming because there were so many crabs – BIG crabs! Never saw real crabs that big ever haha.

Garachico is next to Icod which is also a tourist attraction but we did not go there because it’s about a tree. I am sure it’s beautiful but we don’t really wanted to go there and maybe even pay entrance just to see a big tree.


Then we kept driving along the coast to the west to “Buenavista” and from there we took a bus to go to “Punta de Teno” because cars are not allowed there. The bus only costs 1 Euro but only goes once per hour. The good thing was, that there were almost no people. The bus ride is really nice (sit on the right side of the bus!) because the view is amazing! You can also see the huge banana plantations.


After that we continued our way down to the “Gigantes” but first we stopped in “El Palmar” to get lunch and in Masca (very nice landscape there). Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the restaurant in “El Palmar” but it was so good and they gave us a dessert for free called “mousse de gofio”. It’s typical from the canary islands and soooooo yummy (unfortunately didn’t take a picture of it 😦 ). The waiter told us that he has the best mousse de gofio ever. We thought it’s probably just some try to tell us how good they are but the truth is that after 10 days on the canaray islands and trying other mousse de gofio, he was right. The mousse de gofio in el palmar is THE BEST.


Then we went to see the “Los Gigantes” which are cliffs right next to the ocean. They are really amazing but the beach wasn’t that special to be honest. We liked the Playa de Bollullo in the north much more.


In the evening we went to discover Puerto de la Cruz a little bit (where we stay at the apartment) and we were positively surprised by how nice it is at night. The walk next to the beach is really long and nice and there are many restaurants, bars and shops.


Tenerife (2/5) – Mountains, Beaches and Good Food


Today we went to the north of the island, to the ANAGA mountains. Before going there I watched videos and photos and was so excited about it. When you have a look at the map of the island you see that it’s a rather small part of it but driving there actually takes a long time because the roads there are so curvy and small that you have to go really slow. We spend almost the whole day there.


On our map (we got it from the tourist office and the guy there was so nice and showed us so many beautiful places) are typical viewpoints marked. So we went to the first one called “Jardina”. When we arrived there it was all of a sudden really cold, very foggy and the clouds were so fast it was incredible. I recommend you bring a light jacket just in case because up there it’s cold, it turned from 26 degrees Celsius down to 15!



After that we kept going on the “main road” (road TF-12) to go to other viewpoints and enjoyed the incredible view of the majestic moutains (that once were volcanoes), the deep blue ocean, the white and fast-moving clouds and the incredible nature of this island. We went until the end of that road to “Chamorga” but I would recommend you not to do that because there isn’t really anything to see. You better take another smaller road and go down to the beach. We took the road TF-134 to go down to Taganana and the beach “Playa de Benijo”, it’s a black beach and really nice.


On the way down there we stopped at the restaurant (which recommended us the guy from the tourist office) called Bibi & Mana… the food was amazing and the waiters too!! Such a cute little restaurant (“Guachinche”).

In the late afternoon we went back to a beach close to the city we stayed at. This is my absolute favourite beach of Tenerife!! It’s called Playa BOLLULLO. It’s also a black beach. The waves were so big, the red flag waving but we had so much fun. Parking there was 2 Euros (because it was after 18:00, otherwise it costs 3 Euros).




So the first day here in Tenerife was amazing! I am already in love with this island ❀





Tenerife (1/5) – Day of Arrival

We are going to Tenerife!

Day 1 (Arrival): We went from Valencia with Ryanair and of course the flight got delayed (but at least the flight didn’t get cancelled…). We arrived at 00:40 at the airport and had to pick up the rental car (Budget Car Rental / Avis) but they close at 01:00. Since Ryanair has this policy that you have to give up your small cabin bag and then wait after the flight for it to arrive, we would not have had enough time to go to the car rental station. (ah and of course Ryanair made us sit seperately, although we booked together… they really do anything for getting some extra money!). So we agreed that Javi (who sat in the front of the airplane) runs right to the taxi station to go to the car rental while I wait to get our two bags at the airport.

He ran like crazy (when he told me about it I had to laugh so much.. but if there would have been police they would have ran after him for sure!! better not run inside an airport haha) and then went to the taxi station skipping several people waiting in line. He went straight to the taxi driver beggin to please bring him to the car rental station, because they would close within 10 minutes. The taxi driver wasn’t very happy about it and told him that there are many people in front of him who have been waiting for much longer time but in the end he agreed and of course got some good tip πŸ˜€

In the end it was all good, Javi picked me up with the rental car and we went from the airport to Puerto de la Cruz (1 hour driving) to our apartment. The apartment is called “Smart Florida Apartment” and seems nice. The bathroom is big enough with bath tub, we have a little kitchen, 2 single beds and a (old and little disgusting) sofa with an old TV (so old that when you turn it on it makes this weird sounds like “puff”..do you remember that?). On the terrace there is a swimming pool. The location is perfect. It’s very close to all the restaurants and bars and shopping and you can park very nearby. Tomorrow we will finally see Tenerife by day πŸ™‚


Hiking in Summer


I got a visitor! My best friend Marina came to visit me. She flew from Salzburg to Valencia and arrived at midnight at my house. I was checking her flight on Flight Radar 24 (https://www.flightradar24.com) the whole time. It’s great because you see where exactly the plane is right now and at what time it lands.

We only had 2 full days together. It’s not a lot of time but it definitely was a great weekend. On Saturday we went to the mountain called PeΓ±Γ³n de Ifach in the city of Calpe. It’s 1 hour walking to the top and the view is amaaaazing. It was already my third time going up there and I am always impressed by the view.




We got up at 6:30 in the morning because it is a 1,5 hour car drive to Calpe and now in summer it’s better to go up early. There are no trees on the way up, only rocks so you are in the sun almost all the time. Now in summer its extremely hot here in Spain so better get up early and don’t forget to use sun screen πŸ˜›


After that we went to the city “Javea”. It’s famous for its beautiful beaches. We wanted to go to the beach of “Granadella” but there were so many people it was not possible. So we went to another beach called “Cala Barraca”. There were also sooo many people. I hate crowded places. We spent there around 2 hours and then went back home because we had to go to a birthday dinner of a friend. Next time I go to Javea will definitely NOT be in July or August…but I will definitely go back because the beaches really are beautiful.