Where the rich people are


I am really surprised by how many beautiful and special places there are in the community of Cataluña. We went to Empuriabrava which is a city with canals where you can rent a boat and navigate around. The houses there are incredible. All really beautiful with their own big boats or yates (some even have garages on the water for the boats). So this is where rich people are in summer haha.



We rented an eco-friendly electric boat from the company called “ecoboats” (www.ecoboats.es). It was 50 Euros for 1 round which takes around 1 hour. Empuriabrava is full of french and german people.. it’s obvious because they put their flags on their boats. On a hot day like that the boat ride was perfect!


When navigating around and seeing all these rich families I was thinking: “I am wondering where they got their money from”, they have a high paying job? Or because they have their own company? What kind of company? I am really interested in knowing different business ideas but unfortunately it was not possible to talk to any of them.

After that we went to the beach to Aiguablava (it’s catalan and means “blue water”). The view from up the hill where we parked the car was great but on the beach there were waaaay too many people – I didn’t like it that much.



The water was a bit cold but refreshing. Parking is really difficult there. There is a parking lot but it was already full when we arrived there. We parked up the hill – it was around 15 minutes of walking. On the way back we saw that every single car on the way up to the hill got a fine of 80 Euros. We were lucky because we parked all the way up the hill and apparently it was fine there.



So that’s the end of our trip to Girona. It was great! This weekend I will be staying in Valencia because I am getting visit from Austria but after that Javi and I are going to the Canary Islands for 10 days to celebrate my birthday there 🙂

One of the most beautiful towns – Cadaqués


Cadaqués is amazing!! One of my favourite towns ever. To reach the city it is necessary to go over the mountains. The views from up there are amazing. It was one of the most beautiful car drives ever! Since Javi did all the planning I didn’t even check before going there why Cadaqués is so special – so I did not know what to expect but it turned out to be one of my favourite towns, located on the coast “Costa Brava”.



The white houses with blue doors and windows reminded me a lot of Peñíscola and Altea (and probably many other villages in Spain that have that same kind of style). Each and every time I am in towns like that the flowers called “Bougainvillea” are soooooo beautiful!! So big, so pink ❤


We walked around the little streets and along the coast. It was really hot today and it was pretty exhausting being in the sun for a long time. We had lunch there at a Tapas Restaurant and then went to Empuriabrava, a very interesting village because it is the “largest residential marina in Europe, with some 24 km of navigable waterways”. (see next post)




Besalú and the volcanic area La Garrotxa


Today we visited the town Besalú and the volcanic area called “La Garrotxa” which are close to Girona. We got up at 8 in the morning, had breakfast and went to Besalú. It was a half an hour drive by car. Besalú is really small and a medieval city. You feel like you are in a different time walking around the town.

You don’t need much time there because it’s really small and in less than one hour you have seen pretty much everything. We stayed a little longer because we went to have our morning coffee there. (not for me though, I don’t like the taste of coffee – I prefer cacao :-))



From Besalú to the volcanic area it’s another half an hour by car. The volcanic area is called “La Garrotxa”. There are many different volcanoes and walking routes. We went to the volcano called “Santa Margarida”. For more information about the volcanoes you can read here:



Girona – Cataluña


When: July 2018


Now this was a really spontaneous trip. Just a few days ago Javi said to me: “What do you think about going to Girona for 3 days?”, “sounds great!” I responded, and one day later he already booked the apartment and planned the whole trip. So here we are now – in Girona!


We are staying in an apartment (Airbnb) with 2 bedrooms for 4 people. The apartment was really nice, clean and modern. The host was really friendly and the location great – just a few minutes walking distance to the city centre.


First we went to the famous bridge built by Gustave Eiffel (yes, the same as Eiffeltower!). I love how everything here is so colourful. The houses are all orange, red, yellow etc. The reflection of the colours in the river are so beautiful.



Today we arrived pretty late so we only walked around the city center of Girona and then went to the city wall which is amazing too. Girona is a really nice city. The next two days we will go to see some villages in that area. Our plan is to see Besalú, Cadaqués, Empuriabrava, the volcanoes and Aiguablava. All that in 2 days! We will see how that goes 🙂


I am really surprised by how green it is here. I am used to the brown and dry landscapes of Valencia. Girona is in the north of Spain, close to France, and the landscape is really beautiful here, honestly did not expect that!








Don’t mind de hearts on the map – it’s because my favourite places in Valencia are saved on Google Maps and I don’t know how to make them disappear haha.



If the time is not now, when is it?

I feel like I am an expert in telling myself: “okay, but after the vacation/birthday/nextmonth/whatsoever I will finally start doing it”.

A few years ago I wanted to start to go to the gym regularly but somehow I never really started. There was always some event or whatsoever that made me say: “I’ll start right after that”. But of course, when one thing is over another is coming. So it was an endless postponing of starting my fitness journey. Finally, a few years later, I started my fitness journey this year and since then I am going every day and it feels great. So I feel like I finally broke out of my postponing-loop.

But now I am stuck in another loop. Since last year my plan is to start my own business. I have plans and ideas..,and also time because since last month I don’t work anymore. There should not be any excuse. When I was still working my only ever excuse was: “With a full time job I don’t have enough time to start my own business, as soon as I don’t work there anymore I will start for sure!”

Well here I am right now.. not working anymore and still not heading towards my business goal…but why? I guess the exact same thing is happening to me right now like it happened to my fitness goal a few years ago. The beginning is hard. You need a lot of discipline. It doesn’t matter if fitness, business or whatever. It is imporant to have discipline and to commit to your goal. In the beginning it will be exhausting but after a few weeks of regularly doing it the motivation will come and it will feel much better and I am sure it will be all worth it.

So the time has come for me now to break out of that loop again and to finally take action.