Chinese and their phones

In Europe you can already see many people walking around the streets looking at their phones instead of paying attention to everything else. Also in the subways, on the bus etc. Here in China it is much more. You think in Europe it’s already too much? Now imagine China. Wherever you go, people are on their phones. It’s also because they just use it for everything. The pay with it, they order online. Everything goes fast and easy. The can find coupons for restaurants etc. It all works with the phone.

I have one Chinese friend who I keep in touch with every day. We usually see each other on the weekends but she texts me everyday. I am not the kind of person who likes to text all the time. When I eat lunch or dinner I don’t like to use my phone. When I study Chinese, I don’t like to use my phone. When I am out with Javi, I don’t like to use my phone,… So she texts me and I respond her whenever I have time to respond but usually not immediately otherwise I would be on the phone the whole day texting. But whenever I text her, I get an immediate response like a few seconds later. So this can only mean she is already on the phone. AND IT’S LIKE THAT EVERY DAY!

It’s also crazy how many pictures they take. Sometimes it is really annoying. When we do a day trip or go out for dinner of course we want to take pictures too as a memory. One or two group pictures are enough. Some picture here and maybe some picture there. But they want pictures all the time!! “Let’s take a picture here! Let’s take one here too!” “Group picture!” “Selfie!” “Girls picture!” “Boys picture!” “Video!” OMG. Too much.

I love taking pictures but this is too much because you cannot even enjoy being somewhere because all the time you have to pose for a picture. Of course not all chinese are the same, I know that, but the majority really does like to take lots of pictures…especially with foreigners.

And they love filters. As you can see on the picture below. I saw that they have already set filters when taking pictures. So whenever I take a picture with her it is already like edited. Our skins are whiter and softer, our eyes are bigger and rounder, our noses are thinner and our face gets a different shape. It’s really fake and I don’t like these pictures at all. When you see a selfie of a chinese girl she probably does not look like that in real life. Unfortunately I saw that several times. One girl I know has a really round face and is a little bit chubby but still she looks pretty cute in real life. Then I saw a photo she posted on Wechat and I could not believe it. She looked like a totally different person with probably 10 kg less. Her face was all of a sudden not round anymore and her eyes much bigger and so on. I mean…come on! Is that really necessary?? I think it is already sad that woman have to wear lots of make up to feel good but posting fake pictures of oneself is awful.