Update: Life in Nanning

Long time no blog post. Since we moved here it was a little bit chaotic and I didn’t really find the time to just sit down and write and organize my stuff.

To sum up the last two months were like this:

We finally figured everything out and got each a bank account so we can use Wechat pay. Here in China instead of using Whatsapp they use Wechat. The really cool thing is that they also pay with Wechat. But everything. Even at street food markets or some seller on the street – they all have a QR code and you just have to scan the code, put in the amount of money and pay. So easy, so fast, so convenient, so… safe? I’m not sure if it is very safe but I haven’t heard of any problems and I really like it to be honest. No need to touch bills and coins that hundreds of people have touched before. And it is much faster because you always have your phone with you. The only bad thing is when you run out of battery and don’t have any cash on you like it happend to me haha. But that’s why all chinese usually have power banks. So they can charge the phone anytime. But Chinese and their phone will be another blog post because there is also a big problem going on here.


Anyways we have bought only the basic things for the flat like (of course) blankets and sheets, 2 pots and 1 pan, cutlery and this kind of stuff. Also a big white board so I can write down my weekly schedule. I just love to write down and be organized πŸ˜€

We downloaded the app “Taobao” which is like the Amazon of China. We now order everthing we need on Taobao. It is cheaper than at the supermarket and it gets delivered right to your door – awesome! Now it’s all easy but in the beginning without a bank account and without a chinese friend that can translate (because the app and also pretty much everything else is only in chinese) was pretty hard. Some of the stories I will tell in another blog post otherwise it will be too much for now.


Other than that we made some friend. There are many spanish people here although Javi doesn’t want to speak any spanish because he wants to learn English (we speak English to each other). And we made a good chinese friend, her English name is Monet. Chinese people that learn English or have contact with foreigners usually give themself an English name so it’s easier for us to pronounce. She is very sweet and helped us A LOT. She helped us pretty much with everything.


I also found a college where I can learn Chinese and I was able to change my visa from a tourist visa to a student visa. This was another complicated story with first registering at the police station. I had to go there 3 times because of communication problems. At the police station nobody spoke english and we were communicating by google translate on the phone. So it took me a while to finally get the registration certificate and then changing my visa and get a resident permit. I cannot tell you how relieved I am that all this is finally over and now the “normal” life here in China can begin πŸ™‚