New gym

Javi and I were looking for a gym close to our home. On the map there showed up several gyms but we only found one. We walked around and looked for any signs or anything but we just couldn’t find the gyms. We then found a gym (recommended by a work colleague of Javi) next to the shopping center “MixC”. It’s around 15 minutes walking distance from our home so it’s okay. We knew the price for one year should be 2000 CNY. When we first went there they told us it would be 2500 CNY. Maybe a foreigner price? We don’t know. Anyways Javi asked his work colleague if he can come with us to negotiate the price and that’s what he did. So we paid 2000 CNY (= 250 EUR) for one year.

Side note: it’s really funny how chinese people negotiate. They listen to what the other guy says without even looking at each other and kind of ignoring him. It was really weird and not the first time I saw it. When the lady at the airport negotiated the price for the taxi it was the same. After the first offer she just walked away, ignoring the guy and not even looking at him while the guy is running after her trying to convince her. So different.

The gym is okay. The design is nice and the machines are good (TechnoGym) but there are many more trainers than customers. There are like 10 trainers there (way too many) and don’t do anything the whole day. From time to time they have a customer and can do personal training but most of the time they are just there doing workouts themselves, or taking pictures, or eating… In general – here in China – you can see that in any small store there are like 5 people whereas in Europe there would only be 1 or maximum 2. And they just stand around because they have nothing to do. I don’t say that in a negative way but that’s just how it is. There are way too many people and not enough jobs. So 5 or even more people do the job of one. It’s crazy. And sad at the same time because this means that instead of one person getting paid 1.000 EUR a month, these 5 people only get paid around 300 EUR a month because there are just too many people.

Anyways… we go to the gym everyday from Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday are our rest days. We used to go everyday at 7 in the morning but unfortunately here in Chine the gyms don’t open that early. Now we usually go at around 10 or 11, depending on our schedules.